Our team of Foot Specialists is honoured to get you back on your feet without pain. We are particularly interested in resolving all cases of heel pain and have invested in the most up-to-date technology and equipment to do so efficiently. Our goal is to return our patients to their whole level of health by healing their injuries, providing education and preventing future issues.

When your feet hurt, everything hurts!
The anatomy of the foot is complex, requiring extensive evaluation of the foot, both non-weight bearing and weight bearing, before diagnosing and treating an injury. In addition, the type of sport, intensity, frequency, athletic footwear required, and individual biomechanics must all be evaluated for proper treatment plan development.

Orthotics Can Improve Your Game.

Are your skates rubbing or causing blisters? Do you experience foot pain in your ski boots, blisters, or sore feet after skiing? If so, you may benefit from custom orthotics for SPORT!

Research shows (and our practitioners can tell you from experience) custom orthotics help increase speed, control, and better turning ability. Additionally, they prevent excessive pronation leading to wasted muscle energy, blisters, and Haglund’s deformity on the back of the heel bone.

Sports Chiropody 

An athlete’s feet are essential to their health and overall well-being. On average, over 3X your body weight of force travels through your feet each time your foot hits the ground. Our Foot Specialists at Wasaga Family Foot & Orthotic Clinic are particularly interested in Sports Chiropody. We are passionate about managing foot care for athletes of all levels (primary to elite), ages, and sports (indoor and outdoor).


We Specialize in Sports & Injuries

Gait Analysis

Sports Injuries/Conditions

Ankle Sprains/strains, Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spur, Turf Toe, Achilles Tendinopathies, Fat Pad Syndrome, Ingrown Toenails, Cuboid Syndrome, Shin Splints, Arthritis, Tendinopathies, Neuromas, Fat Pad Syndrome and Many More.


Running, Hockey, Cleat Wearing Sports (Soccer, Football, Rugby),  Skiing/Snowboarding, Court Sports (Pickleball, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball) Dancing.

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Custom Orthotics, sports orthotics
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Why Do My Heels Hurt?

All About Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis (heel pain) is a common overuse injury characterized by sharp heel pain first thing in the morning or after sedentary time. The plantar fascia is a thick non-elastic band of fibrous tissue that runs from all five metatarsal heads and attaches to the calcaneus (heel bone). Its primary function is to maintain the medial longitudinal arch of the foot.

The problem begins when stress is applied to the plantar fascia, and the fascia pulls away from its weakest insertion at the heel, causing microtears. This causes inflammation and pain. A plantar fascia microtear can also occur at the midsole (arch) or towards the toes. Since it is difficult to rest the foot, the situation is aggravated with every step taken. This problem can rapidly progress, and immediate treatment is best. As the fascia is pulled from the bone, the body reacts by filling the space with new bone. This can cause the classic “heel spur.” This heel spur is a secondary x-ray finding and is not the problem – but a result of the problem.

Common Causes
of Heel Pain

Flat Pronated Feet (pes planus)


Excessive Callus

Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Stress Fracture or Trauma

Diminished Fat Pad

Improper Footwear

High Arched Feet (pes cavus)

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How Can We Help You?

Sports Medicine & hEEL/Foot Pain Treatment

We see multiple heel/foot pain cases every single day! At Wasaga Family Foot & Orthotic Clinic, we have the tools and solutions for your heel pain, no matter the cause.

Low-Level Laser Therapy / Ultrasound
Foot Mobilization Therapy
Shockwave Therapy
Athletic Taping
Stretching / Strengthening
Other Treatments
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Tissue exposure to light in the infrared range increases the cellular metabolic rate to increase healing, stimulate the immune system, and decrease pain. 

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Foot Mobilization Therapy is an effective type of joint mobilization. FMT uses painless mobilization/manipulation techniques to improve many problems caused by foot malalignment and biomechanical issues. 

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An intense, short acoustic energy wave brings a non-healing chronic injury to an acute state. It introduces a micro-trauma to re-kickstart the healing process and stimulate components within the body to heal itself. 

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Help support your plantar fascia to maintain its proper foot shape and prevent overstretching of injured structures, decreasing painful motion. 

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Designed to relax tissues surrounding the heel, which can contribute to pain and prevent future injury. 

Night Splints, Motion Control Shoes, Exercises for pain relief and prevention, Orthotics, Hot and Cold Therapy, Cortisone Injections, Medication, and Heel Pads.